Sunday, 12 April 2015

Food, Fashion & Other Stories...

The idea of the perfect Sunday is pretty much a myth. What begins as a lazy day piled high with great expectations quickly submerges into a lull of lethargy and lumpy gravy. However today I feel I may have managed the impossible... today my Sunday was perfect.

So in honour of my favourite Sunday, here is this week's run though of my favourite foods, fashions and & other stories...


So despite my best efforts at healthy living, this weekend has been something of a cheat sheet (I blame my boyfriend!). With dining and desserts on this Sunday's agenda it was difficult to reach for the apples. Although a little 'rustic' looking, our chocolate chip muffins provided the perfect accompaniment to this week's Sunday movie ... Wonka would have been proud!


Recently I've been feeling a little seventies fever, with stacked heels and classic flares becoming the week's firm favourites.

After a mild flirtation last Summer, the high street has fully committed this year -stocking up on spring inspired prints and voluminous styles to see us through the warmer months. Whether team flare or palazzo there is plenty of fashion flair to go around. Head to ASOS for Coachella inspired fancies, or opt for prettier palazzo styles courtesy of River Island. For those taking their tentative first steps into the trend, I often find Zara is a good place to start with plenty of muted, wide leg options to tantalise those taste buds.

What's on my wish list?  These broderie adorned flares of course!

& Other Stories

Having recently discovered the amazing Lily Pebbles, I have become a little bit obsessed with all things beauty. For a girl whose own make up staples boast just concealer and blusher, I decided to branch out and try something new, all in the name of Lily.

Lately I've been hating foundation, the feel, texture and colour of many products have been leaving me feeling patchy and petulant at the end of most days. To counteract the cakey, I decided to switch things up, swapping my heavier foundation formulas for something a little lighter. Yes, I went BB.

This week I've been testing out, Bobby Brown's Crème BB in shade 'light' and Vichy's Idealia BB cream also in shade light. Although I don't feel like I've gotten enough use out of either to make any lasting opinions, I thought I would share with you some of my first impressions, after all they are everything!

 The Bobby Brown Crème BB? A little thick at times, but does give a really flawless finish after some vigorous blending - it also smells AMAZING.

The Vichy Idealia? This product is a little gentler on the skin, only mildy scented it seems to be the more sensitive of the two options, and does offer a slightly sheerer coverage. I'm not sure I have a firm favourite yet but I will be sure to keep you updated!

What's on my wishlist? Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer -  word on the street, it's NARS Creamy Radiant ...but better!

I've also been loving 'Me Before You' by JoJo Moyes. Without giving away any major spoilers, this book was so unexpectedly brilliant. It was thought provoking and emotional without being heavy or depressing...and came with some of the best one liners. I'll be pushing this book onto everybody I know this week, amazing!


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