Sunday, 19 April 2015

Loves, Lusts And Look Outs

With impending deadlines threatening to devour my every minute (and inch of sanity), taking the time to fawn over my firmest of favourites from the past seven days has never felt like such a luxury. With the prospect of an essay-free summer on the cards I've never been more anxious to toss those notebooks and head to the beach, and in honour of that wish... I'm going to make this week's low down a speedy one.. ready?
Food Love

With assignment skin hitting hard, I've been trying to hock up the healthy in the hope of fending off any further breakouts. With skin aid in mind (and the hope of a few extra brain cells) I've been upping my Omega and opting for a bit'a fish.
This week's skin saving recipe: Chilli and ginger mackerel served with roasted vegetables
Fashion Lust
Anyone who knows will be well aware of my love affair with ASOS. So when they dropped their latest load of lovelies, my wish list truly didn't stand a chance.
Yes ASOS Africa arrived, and with print huge on my summer lust list there was really only one way to go ... (straight into my shopping bag!).
I cannot get enough of this oversize vest...
After driving my family and friends crazy with my obsession with Lily Pebbles, I've finally found a new vlogging crush. Take a look at Barbara's channel over at The Persian Babe... I promise you'll be wanting everything in her wardrobe in no time at all!
& Other Stories
Elemis' Lavender Repair Mask has been a firm favourite of mine for a couple of years, but recently my love for this little beauty has reached incomprehensible proportions.
The Elemis Lavender Repair Mask heals and regenerates stressed out skin with a little help from it's friends; Rosemary, Thyme and of course Lavender. Not your average clay mask, this one lends to a lighter formula making it much easier to absorb than others in it's family.
The best bit? It dries a fetching shade of green (Princess Fiona who?!)
I usually leave it to do it's thing for around fifteen minutes before removing with a muslin cloth and a little warm water. It shifts a lot easier than other masks I've tried, and leaves the skin feeling super refreshed and tingly.
 Okay, okay so it smells a little like sage and onion stuffing, but I swear it's skin saving solutions outweigh any trace of Sunday lunch stink.

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