Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Born To Tie!

This week I've been loving all things lace up. It's becoming something of an obsession I'm afraid to say. Whether blouse or dress, I'm weak at the knees for the latest look to weave it's way into the summer style stakes.
I first came across this look in Zara when browsing for some summer somethings. It was everywhere. Whether adorned across the top of dresses or swinging from the bottom of peasant blouses, it was clear that shoestring detailing really was having it's moment in the sun. I suppose I should have expected this one, with boho stylings becoming a permanent fixture on the summer menu it was only a matter of time before the high street went dippy for a little more hippy...
If the idea of lace up loveliness is new to you, here are the basics... This trend started in the same way that all the best trends do; on the runway. With Gucci, Vuitton and Givenchy all lacing up their ladies, it seems the rest of the world was ready to take note, shoe strings at the ready people!
Whether looking to unload a little flesh or hankering for hippy vibes, the trend is easily swapped. Those bowing to boho wear the look loose and lax; owing to slouchy fabrics and an even slouchier attitude, whilst those looking to sex up their shoe strings opt for chest baring bodies and lace up legginess.
For me, I'm all about team boho. I cannot stop lusting over relaxed shapes and tie up detailing. My favourite purchase to date has to be this simple lace up dress courtesy of Zara
, with it's clean silhouette and simple detailing, the lace really does take centre stage - minus any Bette Lynch vibin'.
I'm also lovin' Asos' take on the trend - especially their update on the ever so classic peasant blouse. In a stroke of pure genius those beauties down at ASOS HQ have managed to team the romanticism of the peasant blouse with the stripped down sexiness of lacin'- owing for some seriously sassy shirts.
My favourite lusts from the collection are this lace front tunic top and this simple lace up playsuit - both are just to tie for!
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