Wednesday, 29 July 2015

What's in my handbag...


Recently, I've been trying to slim line my handbag 'ssentials. I've been trying to pack only what I need, and sticking to it. This proves most difficult when it comes to weekends out and about. It can be hard to know what I'm going to need, and where I'm going to end up.
Here are my three of my packing essentials for weekend trippin'...
1. Purse
 This one is pretty much a given. After all, you never know when the urge for ice cream/ lunch or a trip to Mac is going to be on the cards. My current purse is from Stradivarius, and I love it!
2. Hand cream
My mum always has a hand cream stashed away in her bag, but before recently I'd never seen the appeal. It was only when I became obsessed with keeping my skin silky smooth, that I decided it might be time to invest.
I'm currently using The Body Shop's coconut hand cream, and I'm loving it.
I've been keeping this one in my handbag for when I need a mid afternoon pick me up.
3. Sunglasses!
My sunglasses have been a firm handbag favourite for a couple of months now. My current ones are from ASOS and go with almost everything in my wardrobe. I'm not really a fan of wearing them on my eyes -I'm not really sure why!
But, I do love using them as an impromptu hairband. I've been keeping them stashed in my handbag for when I'm tired of my hair being on my face, or I'm sporting some seriously crazy hair.
Trust me, it's brilliant.

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