Sunday, 4 October 2015

The foodie post: Deliciously Ella

Recently I realised that cheese wasn't my friend, I wasn't getting on with bread and milk wasn't worth my time. It felt like my favourite foods were slipping away from me and I wasn't sure who else to invite to the party.

It was only when I discovered Deliciously Ella's blog, that I realised how much more there was to eat.

Since then, I got hold of her cookbook and there's been no stopping me. I've been slowly making my way through this book and I'm loving it. The recipes are great but, there's also lots of handy hints and tips around nutrition and lifestyle.

It's not about limiting your diet or counting the calories it's simply about making good, wholesome food that's going to fill you with energy and make you feel amazing.

My favourite recipe from the book has to be the sweet potato and chickpea curry. It's full of goodness, and tastes amazing. Naomi Smart has a similar recipe over on her YouTube channel, it's definitely worth a look.

Her healthy pancakes and Mexican quinoa bowl are the next on my agenda. Mary Berry watch yo' back..
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