Tuesday, 29 March 2016

The thing about shopping...

I've always been a shopaholic, even as a little girl. When I was younger, I'd spend countless hours trawling through the rails of New Look and Tammy Girl, on the lookout for my next piece. As soon as I'd get home, I'd race up  to my room (shopping bags in hand) and spend hours twirling in front of my mirror, pleased as punch with my new purchase- even if it was covered in pompoms, glitter, or mesh.

My love of mesh and glitter may have deteriorated over the years, but my "passion for fashion" (yes I went there) has managed to stand the test of time, and I'm never happier than when scrolling the pages of ASOS or flicking through back copies of Vogue.

But for the most part, I'm a high street girl at heart. Don't get me wrong, I can swoon after Chanel like the best of them, but when all's said and done I never find myself discontent with what the high street has to offer (who doesn't love a good love story!).

Once upon a time, the high street was considered a place for copies and knock offs, but that's no longer the case. Brands such as Zara and Topshop are becoming trend setters in their own right. They're capable of bringing their own ideas to the table, and due to the rise of bloggers can even kick start their own trends that travel from the street up - now that's a thought isn't it.

So in homage to my favourite high street brands, here are my top three places to shop...

I'll admit it, I'm a little bit of an ASOS addict - there's just so much to choose from. My favourite thing to buy from ASOS has to be denim. They organise their jeans into waist and leg length, making it super easy to choose the pair for you. I tend to opt for their 'Sculpt me' or Ridley styles, which work the best on my frame.

Zara can honestly do no wrong in my eyes. But my favourite thing to buy from there is definitely shoes. Whether I'm looking for a new pair of ankle boots, something fancy and heeled or a practical flat - they just bring it. My most recent purchase is these black, caged heels -can we take a moment please.

In my eyes, Topshop is a little bit of an underdog. I can never leave there without a handful of bags tucked under my arm. I particularly love their blazers, and this bamboo print is the latest thing to win me over.
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