Friday, 15 July 2016

Putting the pyjama debate to bed

The unthinkable has happened. We've gone and made pyjama dressing a 'thing'. And the worst part? No one's batting an eyelid.

Somewhere between the peasant blouses and silky shorts it's become acceptable to wear your pjs in public. I'm not sure our grandmothers will ever forgive us...

But the big question is, is it ever really okay to take your nightwear to the street?

In short, yes and  no. Last night's baggy t-shirt and shorts are never going to cut it. but there is something to be said for incorporating the luxurious kimonos and lacy dresses of the 1920s into your everyday wardrobe.

I'm a jacket girl at heart, so for me pyjama dressing will always be about silky blazers and flowing kimonos. I've opted for a pleated kimono over my favourite embroidered jeans courtesy of & Other Stories for a dressy evening look.
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