Friday, 7 July 2017

Maria, Maria...

Every year, around February, I find myself dreaming of summer. I picture myself gliding down the road in my favourite RĂ©alisation Parrdress, hair blowing in the breeze, nothing but a golden tan on my arm…

A reality, if you’re lucky enough to grace the cobbled streets of Paris or Italy this summer, but not so much, if you’re battling the rush hour crush of London. A summer in the city is a much more cynical affair.

That isn’t to say I don’t love London, because I do. I’m starting to find my feet in this new city and, although I’m not sure I’ll ever get used to the constant concerto of sirens, I couldn’t be happier to call this airless bubble my home.

As romantic as that all sounds, I’m also British and a shameless realist. Against my better judgement, I also can’t help but point out that the only breeze I’ll be enjoying this summer will be from the air con unit in my local pub and the only realisation I’ll be making is that the tube is no place for a £200 dress.

The thing about dressing for a day in London is that it’s a bit of a minefield. First world problems, I know. When you open your wardrobe, it isn’t just a case of choosing something mildly on trend, there’s a whole host of other politics at play. There’s a lot to consider.

It has to be something that won’t leave you drenched in a pool of your own sweat the moment you step onto the tube; is mildly presentable for a day at the office and is suitable for a quick dash down Shoreditch high street if you’re train to work decides to stop in the middle of a dark tunnel for fifteen minutes. Like I said, there’s a lot to contend with.

As a newcomer to the city, it’s been a learning curve, but I think I’m finally starting to learn the ropes. I’ve quickly developed a knack for layering – a skill I’ve never had to worry much about. Loose trousers and a cropped tee were enough to see me through a summer in the North.

I picked this dress up from & Other Stories a few weeks ago and it’s proved to be the perfect layering piece. I’ve teamed it with trainers and a denim jacket for a day in the office, slides for the weekend and I have plans to dress it up for a cocktail night too.  
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