Monday, 27 April 2015

Eats, Excitement And Everything Else...


The oven in the Cromwell household has been very lonely this weekend. With all in a celebratory mood, it was time to ditch the cookbooks and head out for some good old fashioned slap up.

For Ben and I, the restaurant hopping started early with Las Iguanas playing host to the first of this weekend's hankerings.

We enjoyed nachos; fajitas and spicy chicken; washing the whole thing down with some trusty Long Islands. Although admittedly not the most photogenic of meals, it was certainly one of the tastiest beginnings to a weekend of fun and foodie frivolity.

 Before we knew it, it was Saturday, and time to dig out the mascara and get ready for another day of delights. Birthday celebrations was the agenda of the day with the youngest Cromwell back from Amsterdam and ready to reap the rewards of those eighteen birthday candles.

This time it was off to The Hub, one of our favourite eating spots. Calamari and pizzas accompanied our family chat, as we caught up on Liam's news from his heading to Holland.


This week's excitement comes from finally finding the perfect product for my skin. Over the years I've tried almost everything, from high end to drug store, in the hope of finding the right concoction to cure my congested complexion.

I often found high end products were too active for my skin, leaving it sore and damaged from too many interring ingredients. Whilst high street options often left a strange resin on my skin, defeating the whole point of cleansing all together.

In a last bid attempt I decided to go back to basics and try Simple products... and you know what? I've finally found my perfect fit.
My 'skin lobster' for those familiar with 'Friends'?!

My favourite has to be their oil balancing cleanser, which has fitted perfectly into my skin care routine. I simply massage a pea size amount into my skin every morning and evening, and remove easily with a muslin cloth. It honestly couldn't be more, er..simple!

Everything Else

This weekend I am taking Ben for his first trip to the Booker household. I love visiting my aunty in Yorkshire, and spending some time with my family!

Pop back on Wednesday where I'll be sharing my travel essentials for trippin' away.

See you then!

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