Monday, 14 September 2015

Fall fashion - are you ready?

For years I've been a jeans girl, with the odd pair of leather pants thrown in for good luck, but
recently I've found myself venturing into dress territory.

Over the summer I've acquired quite the collection. From flowy boho to classic shapes, my selection has expanded considerably.

However as the cold weather starts to creep in it seems this little love affair has hit a snag. No longer can I parade around in nothing but a sheaf of cotton and the world's best gladiator sandals. The time for jackets and jeans is now upon us, but I'm not ready to make the switch.

I'm holding onto the final whispers of summer by thinking smart. I'm teaming dreamy dresses with seasonal ankle boots and crafty layering to keep out the chill.

How are you making the switch from summer to snuggle?
Bag - Topshop
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