Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Tanya Burr does nails

When I was in university Tanya Burr's YouTube channel was my excuse for everything. All of life's problems could be solved with one of her baking videos. Side note: If you haven't tried her cookie recipe, you should definitely do that - immediately.

So, when I heard she was making some new additions to her make up collection I knew I had to get involved...

And rightly so, because her colour range is amazing. Each polish is beautifully packaged in a sophisticated square bottle, with a golden lid that you'll want to sit and admire for hours - is that sad?

The colour palette has something for everyone. There are sugary pinks, pastel blues and even some muted greys. Sure the colour range is great but, my favourite thing has to be the names. Tanya's named her entire collection herself drawing on her favourite things from across the board.

My top picks are Riding Hood, Duvet Day and Pink'n'Mix.

It's worth mentioning that the formulas do need a little help but, two coats usually does the trick for me.

Bright and Early is definitely next on my list...

What's your favourite from the collection?

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