Friday, 17 February 2017

The thing about logos...

There seems to be a bit of an obsession with logos at the moment. You only have to log onto Instagram to notice the same short sleeved Gucci t-shirt, or Calvin Klein sweatshirt making the rounds. Bundled under fur coats, tucked and tied with a bikini or draped over countless frayed hem jeans.
But are these outlandish odes to our favourite brands more than just fashion statements or Instagram click bait?

For some, the rise of the logo is nothing more than another revival trend. Fashion tends to work in twenty year cycles, so it stands to reason that we’re overdue a good 90s throwback - which I for one can completely get on board with. Cue another Spice Girls reunion and rebirth of the bubble backpack…
On paper, I suppose this theory makes perfect sense - move along, nothing to see here, but I can’t help but wonder if our current obsession with logos is about something more than just a cult revival trend spun out of control. 
According to reports, millennials are the worst paid generation in a long time, and the gap’s growing. With less money to show for our hard work, you’d expect us to be a generation of savvy savers - and in some cases we are, but we’ve definitely got a lot to contend with. 
We live in a society that’s obsessed with the rise of reality television and stories of easy money. We’ve been trained to see instant wealth as sign of success, and aspire for the same. But in the age of social media and online identity, also know that we can’t take anything at face value anymore.

We watch the likes of Kendal and Gigi parade around in their Gucci t-shirts and Hilfiger jumpers, and offer an obligatory double tap. We know that there’s more to life than a collection of luxury labels and yet find ourselves craving our own slice of the pie. Could it be that picking up our own Calvin Klein jumpers or Moschino shirts, allows us to buy into that aspirational lifestyle for a fraction of the cost. Our own little piece of success. I’m not sure how I feel about this, but it’s definitely food for thought.
This idea got me thinking about what  logos actually mean to me. I’m not sure either of these ideas tell the whole picture, but I’m sure there’s an element of truth in both. 
For me, logos are less a display of wealth and more a way expressing myself and taking on a new identity, at least for a couple of hours. Stick with me here…
I wear Moschino t-shirts when I’m feeling fun, I choose Calvin when I want to dress an outfit down and Gucci when I want to feel at the top of my game. For me, logos convey an instant message or a feeling, without having to open your mouth. Even if that message is just I need a little jolt of courage to make it through this afternoon’s meeting, or I’m in a really good mood and want to wear something that embodies that - but that's just my take on the whole debate.

Now where did I put my Spice Girls back pack...

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Love Moschino t-shirt via Asos
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